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Measuring Guide

Find a friend to help you measure. Pour some wine first!  

Measure bust, waist, hips, and a few additional measurements for the perfect fit.

Watch the video to see Antoinette, and her friend Marianna, demonstrate each measurement.

For mask measuring guide please scroll down!

Measuring Tips

Please use a cloth tape measure.

Take your measurements wearing underwear or thin layers you would wear under the garment.

Please do not add extra inches to the measurement! Antoinette will make fit adjustments according to each design. In your profile please include your fit and style preferences.

When measuring, keep the tape measure taut and straight all around body without letting the tape droop down.

Download a copy of the printed measuring guide here.

Basic Measurements   Please add these measurements to your style profile

bust, waist, hips


Run tape around body at middle of bustline, going straight across bust, not following cleavage contour. This measurement is usually different from your bra size.


Run tape around body at narrowest part of waist area. This could be just under your bust if you are short waisted.


Run tape around body at widest part of hips. This will be roughly 7" to 8" below waistline.

Additional Measurements  Add to your profile to help with fit issues or for fitted styles

cross back, upper arm

Upper Arm So the sleeve isn't too tight

Have a friend help you. Measure with arm out and muscle flexed. Run tape around widest part of upper arm, at muscle, halfway between shoulder and elbow.

Cross Back  So the back isn't tight across the shoulders

Have a friend help you. Across width of back from armhole/sleeve seam to armhole/sleeve seam, a few inches down from shoulder. 

shoulder waist, shoulder knee

Shoulder to Waist  For any style with waist area design details 

From top of shoulder at bra strap, down over bust following contour of body to waist.

Shoulder to Knee  For dresses to make sure the length is correct

Have a friend help you. From top of shoulder at bra strap, down over bust following contour of body to knee.


Mask Measurements

The mask needs to fit well from nose to chin. Too tight it will slip when you talk. Too loose you won't get a tight fit.

The masks are flexible width-wise so focus on the Nose to Chin measurement.

Nose to Chin This is the main factor for sizing your mask

From the bump on the bridge of your nose down over the mouth and just under the chin where you feel bone.

Women: approx 5.5" from nose to chin is a Medium. Closer to 6" or more you take a Large.

Men: Usually from around 6" up to 7" fits a Large. Around 5.5" you will be better with a Medium. Larger than 7" you are better off with an XL mask.

Ear to Ear 

From the top front of the ear where the cheekbone begins across the nose following the contour of the face to the ear on the other side.

Women: Usually between 10" and 12" wide.

Men: Averages vary from 11" to 13" wide.

Men with very prominent features like a very large nose or a very wide jaw will probably need a custom mask.

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