“Be true to your materials”. I learned this principle at art school long ago but it still informs my clothing design practice. Each new knit fabric is draped on a form, and the design will evolve as I learn its particular properties. I also try to be true to my customers, by creating simple designs with character and individuality but that also flow and flatter their bodies rather than fight their curves. I often distort the fabric surface with invented stitch details which help to define and shape the final design. It's a intuitive process and my work isn't something that could ever be handed over to a factory. I handle every aspect myself, from draping to pattern making and grading, to cutting and sewing each piece of clothing.

It's important to me that my clothing is for everyday use, worn by women as they live their daily lives. I studied sculpture at art school and became interested in installation art where you might be able to affect someone, albeit for a brief moment, and perhaps soon forgotten. Working as a designer has been far more satisfying as I hear back from clients who love wearing my clothing. Selling at shows, and meeting new and old clients is an important part of my creative process.





During the year I sell at craft shows in New England and beyond. Upcoming shows are listed on the show page or sign up to the mailing list on the contact page.

Please get in touch through the contact page if you would like to buy from me directly. I'm not doing much retail now, preferring to work directly with customers. This is often via email when those customers live in other cities... 

You can also visit my studio by appointment. Please use the form on the contact page to make an appointment.

Cinderloop is available at the following stores: 

Trunk in Brooklyn, NY,

Dig in Saugerties, NY.

Ash and Rose in Boston, MA.



Antoinette Indge, owner of Cinderloop, was born in London, England. She grew up with a love of making things, usually in fabric and yarn, and eventually studied sculpture at Chelsea School of Art.

She moved to Brooklyn, NY in the '90s attracted to the creativity and energy of NYC. A discarded pile of vintage knitting magazines prompted a return to craft and making. She began designing under the name Cinderloop in 2002, initially working in knitting and crochet but gradually taught herself clothing design with help from designer friends at the Young Designers Market where she sold her work.

Antoinette currently lives and works in Lowell, MA where she is part of a vibrant artist community at Western Avenue Studios. Cinderloop is available at boutiques in NY and MA, and at craft shows throughout the Northeast.